RAW 1080/720 what is the difference?

Started by dafassi, August 09, 2013, 07:24:49 AM

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Just whant to know what is the difference while recording RAW-Videos with iE 1200 x XXX.
Because using the canon 1080p format gives me less frames than using the 720p format.

Both tryed with 24fps.

Is it a big quality difference?


Walter Schulz

What's the trouble answering the question by yourself?



I recorded in both modes with nearly the same resolution. And i didnt see much difference on near objects.
But why is the difference in number of frames?

Walter Schulz

Quote from: dafassi on August 09, 2013, 01:05:48 PMBut why is the difference in number of frames?

More data per frame -> less frames fitting inside given space.
And the fact you aren't able to see much difference in resolution between 1080p and 720p may be subject to discussion.

Ciao, Walter


Im sorry,

i made a mistake in setting up the resolution.

Of course a higher resolution brings a better quality.