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Started by pravdomil, August 07, 2013, 01:34:30 PM

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So did you finish it?

Alex meant a user can do this. You're asking him to do what he asked you to do.  :o
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I'm asking you if you can establish this task list topic in general develop discussion and make it sticky :)


I will be for devs only, but I dont have any idea how to ensure that.
Read the whole thread on bitbucket (eg. porting flexinfo on 5D2 was a coincidence that I found something undone).
It will be very useful, imagine that you want to implement something, but you dont have time to do that, so thats why.
Maybe it shold be somewhere on Bitbucket where contributes only devs.
Quote from: pravdomilI'm afraid ML user that write into the list "port raw dual iso 500fps". Probably it should be for devs only. I hope we will realize it some way!


You can add fix M and 6D installer bootup to the list, lol. I think that is the problem. Normal boot method is different from installer boot method.. Installer boot method (I thin copy + restart) needs to be in const.h just for installer... at least that is what I speculate.

I want to do 50D raw histos in photo mode but I need to figure out how to make those state diagrams from a good idc and with things named + current fw version.

9x1 is working on 6D with the naming. I'll try some other cams, esp older like 50D.

*prop browser is there and working. Just not as flexible as mem spy. Maybe needs something that builds a whole list of properties + data and then you can search through it. Would be useful to try to find stuff like focus data on M/50D, etc.


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