Author Topic: Issue when exporting raw with Resolve 9.1.5 on windows only  (Read 2418 times)


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Issue when exporting raw with Resolve 9.1.5 on windows only
« on: August 08, 2013, 09:28:10 AM »
Hi everybody,

I'm having trouble when trying to export my Cdng with resolve. The files seems not to be complete, here's an example of a standard QT H264 export:

First of all, i'm new to resolve, is it normal i get a .res file paired with my .mov ?

I'm also having weird stripes on top of my videos, no matter if i export in h264, DnxHD or whatever:

I'm running on Resolve lite 9.1.5 on windows 7 64bits. The DNG's comes from, so i don't know with what specific build of ML this sequence was shot, but when i'm debayering in ACR i have no problem at all. I have the last version of raw2dng available on their website.

When i'm using the same raw file with rawmagic on my mac, with the same version of Resolve and exporting in Prores 422 HQ i have no problems. I'm wondering what i'm doing wrong on windows then...

My Workflow:

Converting .raw into dng with raw2dng.
Import in Resolve -> Into Resolve camera raw i'm using decode: clip and color space BMD Film then applying Hunter's LUT.

By any chance is there anyone that could help me with that?

Thanks, Maxx.