Canon 5D III RAW vs recording with the Atomos Ninja 2

Started by oferlevy, July 30, 2013, 10:34:04 AM

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Hi all,
I hope this is a legitimate question in this forum.
I use the 5D III to record 1920x1080 25p in RAW. Can anyone let me know whether using the Atomos Ninja 2 with the Canon 5D III can deliver comparable quality to the RAW?


The Atomos Ninja 2 captures 10-bit 4:2:2 video directly from the HDMI-port, whereas Magic Lantern gives you a 14-bit RAW feed directly from the sensor output.

Make your own conclusion ;)


OK - thanks!
I guess I should invest in CF cards rather than in the Ninja 2.... ;)


What could be interesting to know before you decide is that you cannot use an external monitor ( and no soundrecording in RAW.
So working with Ninja 2 might make more sense if you for example work on ENG stuff, filming a longer take that cannot be repeated like a concert or interview.

It depends what you want. When you want only the best image and have lots of time then start your hunt to find a good CF card.

Everyone has other needs. I want the RAW.


Yes, I am also interested in the RAW as I am using the 5D3 with very long telephoto lenses (up to 800mm) for wildlife work.


Quote from: tronics on July 30, 2013, 03:38:54 PM
What could be interesting to know before you decide is that you cannot use an external monitor ( and no soundrecording in RAW.

I have used external monitor while recording RAW. I use RCA pin rather HDMI for monitoring purpose. And for the sound i use H4n recorder. Anyhow this is not new for our film editors coming from film background, as we were recording on Nagara those days. 
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I have just finished a big job using 2 5D3s each with a Ninja. It was 2x 12 hours days filming a Dance Championship. Not really the best solution, but thats what we had to do the job in the short time frame we had to prepare in.

Was first time using the Ninjas and probably wouldnt use the 5D3s with them for that type of job but they did alright. Back to question,

The quality on the Ninjas is not really all that much better, definitely a better workflow for editing tho. I just got my KomputerBay 64GB 1000x card today and Im blown away by the quality of using RAW. Does not compare to any other recording on the 5D3.

If you want to have the best picture quality and lots of room to colour then go the 1000x card and do RAW. The Ninja is great, but its nothing like RAW. Like tronics said, depends alot of the job.

If unsure, go get a 1000x KomputerBay card, the cheapest you'll find that works and try it out. You wont be sorry.

You can also try shooting lower res on any card you got in your camera, you probably wont get alot of frames on it, but you'll get a glimpse of what it can do, after trying out an ExtremePro SD card and 720p I immediately went out and got a 1000x CF card.


CDanvers - Quick question - when you used it for 12 hours straight for two days with magic lantern & an external recorder, were you able to still shoot passed the 30 minute limitation????