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Started by dmilligan, September 21, 2013, 12:53:31 AM

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I had intended to port it to Lua, if I ever find time. It would be significantly easier to manage the keyframe data structures and serialize/deserialize them as Lua. There's probably a few minor things here or there that need to be exposed in the API.

I agree "ramping" is a better name.




I'm stephane, a french pro photographer, nice too meet you !!

I just try ML to shoot timelapses with a Canon 6D.
Magic lantern works fine BUT do you know if it is possible to ramp ISO setting by 1/3 values as speed values ?
Shutter speed vary with 1/3 value but ISO only with entire value... 100 - 200 - 400 - 800 etc

No way to change this ?

Thanks !




I'm discovering the advanced intervalometer module and don't realy understand how to use the keyframe.

I usually work with the "simple" intervalometer for day to day timelapses but have to verify every day the settings of these ones.
What I'd like to do would be to program a 60d or a 5d2 to start each day at 8 am for 500 shot with a 57 seconds interval without my intervention.

I've done this kind of work for a building, but using an harbortronics controller enclosed in a pelicase (with the EOS and a power system). Trying to program  this (without realy understanding the keyframe method) with the advanced intervalometer, I don't obtain any good result. Could some of you help me to know if it's possible to do this with the advanced int' and how to do that, please ?

I don't need anithing else than the start and stop. No ramping exposure (it's inside with always the same light), no ETTR.

Thanks for all your advises and help.


Sorry for my english, I'm french...


Starting and stopping the intervalometer itself is not really what this module is meant for.


So, dmilligan, do you think Magic lantern is not the right toll for this ?

If not, would you know some useful tools to do that ?

Thank you.



After some research, I suppose I will use this way :
Thank you for your precisions and the work you've made with magic lantern, a incredible and necessary hack for every EOS user.



One question regarding ADV_INT and AETTR: Does ETTR take the ramping into account? For example, I'm changing from f/4 to f/3.5 at some point; does ETTR automatically compensate for that by chosing a shorter exposure time in order to be closer to the optimum exposure rather than overexposing due to the aperture change?


It depends. If you are using AETTR continuously in LV with expo override, then yes (so long as there is enough time between exposures for LV to start back up and ETTR to run). The next LV frame after the aperture changes, AETTR will recompute and the new aperture will be taken into account. If AETTR is only running in QR, then technically no, but I highly doubt it would be an issue (and it might actually help). Keep in mind that your scene may change between exposures and cause more of an issue than this (your scene could easily change more than 1/3 EV, which would totally outweigh the issue of 1/3 EV from ramping). Furthermore, you're likely ramping in the direction of scene lighting changes, so having the ramp change not actually taken into account may actually help because it will compensate for a change in scene lighting. Finally, you can always give AETTR more headroom with the exposure target setting.


Some minor updates I did a while ago:

Sorry, the changes are untested; didn't manage to record any other timelapses since then.


Quote from: a1ex on February 24, 2018, 08:38:07 PM
Some minor updates I did a while ago:

Sorry, the changes are untested; didn't manage to record any other timelapses since then.

Alex, do you mind to share the new module?
And do you have any readme or tutorial how to use that, I want to achieve the holly grail... day to night with LR Timelapse!
Thank you for your hard work!

BTW, the original ML 2.3 version, have an automatic Bulb/focus ramp, why we dont have it anymore?
Thank you very much



I recently baught an eosM 2.0.2
I am trying to use intervalometer and Bulb ramping for day to night timelapse in ML.
I am a little lost here.
I saw differents versions of ML (here, on )

I tried diferent version but i can not make the intervalometer work and I can't find any ramping option neither advance intervalometer with ramping option.

Could someone help me ???

Thanks a lot


Walter Schulz

Sorry, what does "can not make the intervalometer work" mean? Support staff loves detailed error descriptions and steps to reproduce a problem...

And read