Elementarschaden (Short Movie|5DII RAW|Zeiss Primes)

Started by fatpig, July 13, 2013, 01:30:15 AM

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Hello Guys,

I am happy to share with you the trailer for our Short Movie "Elementarschaden",
which means as much as "Damage from natural Hazards" -
about a fictional Incident, taking place during the real flood catastrophe in Germany, June 2013.

We shot on 5DMKII RAW and Zeiss Planar & Distagon Primes only.
The movie is now applying in all major film festivals in germany, therefore I can only publish a trailer for now.
I added English subtitles for your convenience.

I am happy to hear your thoughts! :)




wow. really has a professional look.
i am really impressed.

its on RTL soon? ;)
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Edgar Matos

Good job calling my attention. Now I really want to see it.

Want to share workflow? It would be appreciate it.   





Daybreak broke me loose and brought me back...


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Quote from: g3gg0 on July 13, 2013, 01:42:18 AMits on RTL soon? ;)
Hopefully not. You know, the 'N' means niveau ;D

But the trailer looks good except the strong vertical stripes at 0:10. Is there still no way to fix that? ???


thanks to everyone for their feedback!
I am very happy you like the look and feel of our short movie.
I would love to upload the full movie, but I can not at this point.. :)

@Edgar: what are you looking for in terms of workflow? Examples?

@CFP: I looked all over the forum for a fix for these vertical stripes..
But they are not static and I found no way until now..


Quote from: fatpig on July 14, 2013, 04:10:34 AM
I looked all over the forum for a fix for these vertical stripes..
But they are not static and I found no way until now..
Well. They aren't in the normal H.264 videos, right? So I'm sure there's a way to remove these stripes. Let's hope somebody will find it soon.
The film looked very good and the story seems interesting. I'm really looking forward to the actual film :) But the stripes are a bit disturbing (Although they fit the movie's tone)

Ich drück' dir die Daumen :D Der Film wird bestimmt was abräumen.


Great work, Felix. It's interesting to see RAW being used for a narrative piece. I think RAW is built for this type of thing and any information can you provide about the project would be great.


I'm not sure if they are present in H.264. as they only appear when severely exposing the picture in post - about 2-3 stops.
Stripes are actually just present in this one shot, but I needed to put it in the trailer, and I also wanted the Community to see the ups and downs of ML RAW. :)
- danke, das wär ja was :)

just a short heads up, I am planning on an article - sort of - to give a little insight on this film. :)