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Viktor Devjatov

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RAW grading tool for PR/AE?
« on: July 09, 2013, 02:13:47 PM »
Hey! RAW is great! Right now what's interesting to me is how to deal with it in post.
There is a Ginger HDR direct import and DNG Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) for AE workflow.
What i like about Ginger is the fact that it's direct and what i like about ACR is that it's very simle, indestructive,
yet powerful tool to get the color you need.

Actually i found that ACR is really cool about two years ago and used it to color correct my H264 footage using export to TIFF method.
But the whole procedure was time consuming, disk space consuming and if you had to change something in the project later it was a huge pain in the ass.
But the results really shined if to compare to Magic Bullet Colorista or Three Way Color corrector in Premiere. Actually results were even better
than Davinci Resolve gave me. (i did tests using one sample H264 footage)

So i'm saying that ACR did the great job for me, but the workfolow it offered was totally UNCOOL.
Export to TIFF, copy/paste develop settings in Bridge, export from ACR, import to PR, render.
And it introduced a flicker when you lifted shadows or reduced highlights sometimes.

I did a huge research to find plugins that would do the job inside Premiere with ACR quality. So for over a year i use:

NewBlueFX ColorFast to control shadows and highlights - it was the ONLY plugin that could make it like ACR does.
All other plugins i've tried produced very unnatural results.
Tiffen DFx Temperature - to control white balance with sliders.
Neat Video for denoise - totally the best one of it's kind.
Magic Bullet Looks for Selective Color, Cosmo, Three Way Color, Exposure, Contrast.

So finally a LOT of plugins to do the same simple thing what ACR does. And as you can expect it's not playing back realtime,
very laggy when you change any values.

Here i've made screenshot of Native RAW interface for RED clips inside Premiere. Totally neat, understandable and fast.

Is it possible for someone to develop the same thing for ML RAW files? The greatest example of what is needed is ACR itself.
If it could be built in inside Premiere (like a plugin to work also with 8 bit footage) it would be just amazing.

Yeah, we got ACR in AE. But again it's not a direct import, you have to convert to DNG first.
Again if the plugin like this would use GPU to give fast playback and render it would be totally amazing.

I don't want to deal with artistic color grades, i want it to be more like science. More a fix tool like ACR.

If you guys know any other solutions to this, or know any methods/plugins/workflows how to handle Color Correction with ease please let me know.
Or if you are developer and would like to make someting cool for ML RAW community, i would love to help you :)