Author Topic: Custom RAW Framing Box's  (Read 1329 times)


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Custom RAW Framing Box's
« on: July 13, 2013, 09:20:07 AM »
Not sure if this is possible or not but thought id ask anyway :)

I like the overlays that ML has for portrait's and etc and the ability to create your own templates.

Is it possible to to do the same with RAW Video framing? so instead of a black box or white frame you can create your own to help with different projects. Iv taken screen shots from my camera and Photoshopped them to look like what im asking but i dont know how to upload an image so im sorry in advanced if this post is not clear.

As there are a lot of framing sizes and ratio's i wouldn't mind if it was possible it didn't come with any templates as im happy to create them for the ones i would need.


EDIT: Didnt realise that Custom Overlays work in Video, thought it was Photo mode only. Sweet :)