How do you format in EXFAT on Mac and still install ML?

Started by jshaffer, July 07, 2013, 03:52:51 PM

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I read that formatting CFcard in EXFAT allows RAW recording of more than 4GB without stitching. Unclear how to do so, as ML requires camera format for install, which reverts to FAT32. What's the workflow-should camera be tethered when adding firmware?


Assuming you're using a 5D Mark 3, format or erase your compact flash card choosing (EXFAT) with Apple Disk Utility in a card reader, upon placing it back in the camera it writes a file greater than 4gbs.  You do not need to format it in the camera for the ability to read and write files.  Upon placing the card back in the camera make sure you've still got  the camera set so that data is written to the (1) card slot (compact flash) and not the (2) slot (SD card) in case it has switched use the Canon Menu button to navigate to the "yellow tool icon" section  to "Record func/card/folder sel. to change it to card (1) as the card which is writing data.


 Thanks for suggestion-Using a 5DMK2. Once formatted in Disk Utility as EXFAT, and add ML files, camera requires formatting card, which removes ML. workarounds?

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Why doesn't it support exfat? Is it hardware or the software that's limiting it? If it's software maybe you guys could find a hack to get around it.