Author Topic: Astrophotography Feature Request - Matching Lights and Darks Images  (Read 1401 times)


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I am requesting that a feature be added to support astrophotography.  To aid in the processing of images astrophotographers take Lights, Darks, BIAS and Flats subs.  These 4 types of subs are needed to effectively stack the Light subs and reduce noise.  Ideally Lights and Darks should be taken at the "same temperature" (camera / sensor) to effectively reduce thermal noise.  The exposure of Lights and Darks can be as long as 15 minutes.

The feature request is something like LENR where a Dark is taken after the Light and automatically subtracted from the Light.  I would like to be able to tell ML to take a Light sub and then have it automatically take a Dark after the Light and have both images stored in the camera or downloaded.  This feature would provide "matching" Lights and Darks.  This will aid in the final image stacking and noise reduction and result in better images.

Jim Waters
Phoenix, AZ