Best APS-C camera for RAW Video 50D vs T2i vs ??

Started by johnha, July 31, 2013, 10:56:12 PM

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I'm considering getting a crop sensor body for raw video. Which do you guys think is the best body? It appears that the 50D is superior to the rebel bodies (I think) in terms of raw video resolution. What do you all think?

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I think by far the 50D will give you much better looking footage than you'd be able to get in any TXi model.

However, if I didn't own a 5D3 or 5D2, and was looking to buy a camera to shoot raw, I would seriously just pick up the Blackmagic Pocket camera.


Quote from: Midphase on July 31, 2013, 11:09:08 PM
However, if I didn't own a 5D3 or 5D2, and was looking to buy a camera to shoot raw, I would seriously just pick up the Blackmagic Pocket camera.

Umm, it's not that easy. You can't just pick up the BMPC, as it hasn't even shipped yet and probably won't be shipping in large quantities for some time. Also, it most likely won't ship with raw, but will be added later via firmware.


Yeah, I get that, but I'd think in another couple of months finding a Blackmagic Pocket shouldn't be too difficult.

My point is that I have yet to see any footage which originated on a 550 or 600 which looks decent enough to go through the trouble. The CF enabled cameras are clearly the winners with ML raw.

A 50D can be had for about $450 on eBay.


Ah yes, I had forgotten about the pocket camera. But a used aps-c Canon is much less money than the pocket cam and a set of m4/3 lenses.

So is the concensus that the 50D is the best crop sensor raw video camera?


For raw video there is no competition to the 50D at this price point unless you count the max 2 second 4k raw capability of the Nikon V1. The next 'capable' camera in line is a secondhand 5d MkII and that is in the BMCC Pocket price range. Judging by several reports/blogs the Pocket cam is not even shipping with raw capability and will instead be through a future FW update. I'm sure it will be worth getting when it's available but who knows.

If it's a simple choice between the 550d and 50D I know which one I'd have ;)
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Thanks for that. I already have a 5D3 and 5D2, but would like a lighter weight camera. I was thinking one of the Rebels would fit the bill. But if the 50D is the one for raw video, I may have to rethink this plan because that is almost as heavy as the 5D.

Perhaps if/when the SL1 gets raw video I can consider that camera.


I was going to upgrade my 60D to the 5D3 because I do still as well. But the 2.5k BMCC is now $1,995 so I can get two of those for the price of 5D3 kit lense package. Then I can get like 4 hdds and have an A and B cam then I just need to get a yongnuo 565 ettl flash for the 60D. Im perfectly fine with 18mp raw versus 22mp.

If I was the OP that is the route I would go you might have to save a little more to get one 2.5k BMCC compared to a 400 dollar 50D . I dont even think the t2i is for sale brand new anymore what is the used market like for those? It would be worth it in the end to have it as a second cam for your 5D3. If you shoot anamorphic I think you can squeeze 2.5K out of the 5D image but dont qoute me. Or you could just pick up a pocket camera for a 1000. I honestly wouldnt even bother with the 50 or t2i not for raw.