Android tablet as field monitor.

Started by Critical Point, June 18, 2013, 05:11:11 PM

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Thanks ease for your reply.
Well, that's what I very often read about the 5D3. Also there not so much good news about the combination of raw and Android with the cheaper cams like 50D, 600D, etc.
But, what about the 5D2?

I would buy myself a Nexus 7 - in case it will work (especially for focus pulling).

Anyone with a 5D2 has tried it out?
5D2 ML RAW + VAF-5D2b:


5D2 ML RAW + VAF-5D2b:


Here's an Android tablet with HDMI input:

Pretty expensive but neat. It's a drawing tablet primarily.
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I think it is only hdmi out. Very, very rare to find hdmi in.
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It is a pen display. The HDMI input is for displaying the output from your PC/Mac, in order for the stylus to draw right on the image of what you are making in Photoshop etc.

Agree rare, this is the only one I've ever seen.
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This is a potential solution:

And this:

They're obviously not tablets, but the Lilliput is an IPS monitor, and it can be run off an LP-E6 battery. It's also about the same price as an android tablet. The Adafruit is also an IPS monitor and, in theory, could be hooked up to a portable power source (though the setup might be a little cumbersome).


...But then again, if you're willing to put up with a little bit of lag (though it's nothing compared to Android tablets), you might as well use a Windows machine (like the Surface Pro or Asus Transformer). Canon - and almost certainly Nikon - have utility software for PC and Mac. Despite the lag, you will be able to control your camera, and view some info like the histogram.


I guess I missed this:

With a portable power pack it should work fine (though a few of the reviews are indicating that the USB connector's dodgy).


Good find. Looks like it has quality issues on the USB, but it also has DC according to this review:

And here's one for half the price (1368x766) without touch:

The company:

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So the Canon EOS utility does not work with my 600D with ML (MLV raw).  It generally refuses to update the screen (but I was able to get slow updates on the zoom in screen).
I disabled global overlays and as much extra as I could. 

That leaves the question does DLSR controller app work on a nexus 7 for the canon 600D with ML???

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