Make a beep sound when movie recording starts: for 50D audio sync

Started by pulsar124, June 15, 2013, 07:22:35 PM

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I have just ordered an external audio recorder (Zoom H1), and for the first time will seriously look into the ML's video option on my 50D. I suspect the biggest problem will be to achieve good audio sync. It occurred to me that perhaps ML can implement a new feature which would once and for all fix this issue for 50D videographers: make the camera emit a loud and short beep when the video recording button is pressed on the camera - ideally with the ability to fine-tune the delay between the video start and the beep. Then the sync could be easily achieved in video editing software, by matching the peak on audio waveform with the start of the clip.

Is it possible?




I tried to make it beep... battery died so wait, I'll try again. It says asif not initialized.. .but regular canon beeps work  ???



Still there is the speaker and all the audio code so there must be an audio chip... just asif probably never gets initialized (start asif not even called, ever)... (sampling reg set causes hang) I will try the wav test functions and see where I get... error is easy. hang is bad news. Audio initializations are in logs for other cameras I can go off that too. Recording will be of course a no go because no inputs but I can also manually enable the chip.


So it does seem to me possible?

I've just noticed that on ML wiki guide, the optional beep at the start and end of video recording is possible, but I don't see this option on my yesterday's nightly binary ran on my 50D. Does it mean that this option isn't enabled only on 50D? Why - is the beeping part of 50D different from other cameras?


The initial responses were sort of positive, but it's been a while without any feedback.

I know my 50D can beep - with AF focus confirm. It is not loud but it might be good enough for audio syncing with on top of the camera audio recorder (like 100$ Zoom H1 - BTW I just got a cheap shock absorbing mount for it from video noob store, works well), in most situations (unless it is really noisy).

All this RAW video stuff for 50D is cool, but will not be very useful without a good audio syncing solution.


I'm in the same problem.
It's ok for me to use an external device, but I need a way to synch things easily.
A clapboard is not always possible, think of an interview, a wedding or some wild animal, it would be impossible or ridicuolous.

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Fortunately, there is a better solution.
Complete sync sound with video for 50D:

There are the details are for 60D but for 50D we can use a wired remote control that can be connected as well to our record button of our audio recorder.


With recent developments, stable 2k 12 bit raw is possible. Did anyone manage beep at start and end of audio? If I can get audio sync I can use this in production.