Author Topic: "Jetzt : MUSIK !" … Black & White Short Film … 5D Mark III RAW  (Read 1371 times)


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Jetzt : MUSIK !  (music : now)

– Best experience with headphones on –

"New music" is active, delightful, pouring, pioneering, thrilling, radical …
In contrast to familiar "pop music" people listening to new music show strong reactions and emotions.
They laugh and cry at the very moment, some just can't get enough, others refuse to continue.
We documented their emotions while they were listening to new music and staged their visual imaginations.

Camera: 5Dmk3 with the Magic Lantern raw firmware.

Lenses: Canon 70-200 USM IS L II; 100 2.8L Macro; 50mm 1.4

Recorded on KomputerBay Cards (64 GB)

Music: "Symphony No 3" by Henryk Mikołaj Górecki