Raw Video MLV Folders have no .wav files???

Started by tc922, September 24, 2018, 03:13:53 AM

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Help! I took some very important videos using my Canon Rebel EOS T2i 550D with an external mic and used ML. I turned on raw (as well as the sound and play modules) and the raw clips came out perfectly but either it didn't record any sound or I can't find it! I color graded and converted the files and they ended up in those folders and usually there is a .wav file in those folders right? (this is my first time shooting raw.) I know the mic works because I shot some other clips not on raw and those sounded great. Is there something I didn't know had to be turned on? Or are the files stored somewhere else that I'm not seeing? Please tell me it's the latter because I need these clips with sound :)

Walter Schulz

If you used a conversion tool able to extract sound from MLV (no, there is no WAV file stored during recording) ...

And using an untested workflow for production ... really?