4gb limit Raw recording 5d2 (how to merge 2 files ?)

Started by Francis Frenkel, June 04, 2013, 11:57:02 AM

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It took me awhile but I found out how to merge the files in mac OSX...

Download MacHacka
Rename the files you want to combine as file.001, file.002, etc...
In MacHacka File>Alphajoin... and then just select the first one.
It will create one file, which then you add .RAW at the end once it's finished joining the segments.
Now you can successfully convert using RAWMagic and probably raw2dng.


Thank you very much lapoic!

you've save my day.
But i have a question... how do you know what's the first file of all ?


@lapoic Why didn't you just use terminal to merge the files on your mac using the cat command?