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Started by nanomad, June 01, 2013, 12:55:41 AM

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Sorry for the double Post but I wanted to add something:

I ordered a new SD Card 'Transcend Ultimate-Speed SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 32GB'.
Its using the maximum read/write of the EOS 700D which supports UHS-1 (as far as I know).

Disabling powersave just seems to be worth if someone is using a very slow card (as I did before)
and did not change the default power saving option (Auto Power Off = 30Secs). On slow cards
the restoring just takes more than 30 seconds.

The new card what so ever did the whole format/restore in a few seconds so it does not matter
if the 'Auto Power Off' is 30 secs or longer.

Instead of the devs disabling Power Off while the restore process is active it would be enough to
add the info in your install guide when using old cards i.e. set Auto Power off to 3 Minutes to prevent
incomplete restoring = Magic Lantern gone.

I hope it was somehow helpful even if most people wont buy or use such an old card any more.

Thanks for your help, as usual.


I'm curious, is the T5i able to record RAW in 1080P or is it limited to 720P? If anyone could help guide me or share some of their settings for shooting raw video that would be great, thanks!


Hi Nanomad

I'm new to this and buying a 700d today (I think) - want record interviews and seminars, ideally 60-80 minute stretches (just want good visuals, sound recording only needed to sync the sound recorded with my separate device..).
I've been looking up Magic Lantern a bit and I notice that nightly builds have the 1.1.4 version only available. Presume the 700d I'll get will have F/W 1.1.4 - so the quick question is: what are the pitfalls to buying a 700d today and throwing ML 1.1.4 on it? If stability issues, can I bring the new 700d back to 1.1.3, and put ML 1.1.3 on it maybe? Again just want to video indoor talks etc and will probably buy canon 1.4 / 5omm lens for this - not too worried about deep tech stuff... Thanks in advance  :)


Walter Schulz


Hello, I´ve got a problem, that after installing the newest ML from 20. June, the RAW video option doesn´t show on my 700D.. Any suggestions what would fix that?? I have read your Q/A and tutorials but I couldn´t find anything about 700 D..

Anyways, the whole ML works great but RAW video option.

Thx for soon reply

Walter Schulz


Could you just please send me a link to file, which should I paste to the module folder? I can´t manage what to download from the forum.

Many thx.  Btw, i have a Sandisk Extreme 95 MB/s card

Walter Schulz

It's all there. No need to mess up with files and directories.

700D's SD-card interface is limited to about 41 MByte/s writing.


Allright, what would you suggest? raw or mlv rec?

But it´s kind of funny because I have recently checked my SD card and in the modules folder I have either and So I don´t get it, where is the problem

Walter Schulz

"Modules tab" as in Modules screen as in Modules menu as in Modules board. Modules have to be activated before using. Do not mess with files and directories until you know what you are doing. Read linked user guide (work in progress, though).

Try running MLV. 700D will be able to record 720p24. Recommended: ExFAT file system on card.


Does anybody else get timed out of the ML menu if you access it from LiveView mode?


Hello there!
I've this camera and I decided to try ML (first time for me)

I followed thoroughly your instructions:
* I updated the firmware to 1.1.4
* I installed the new version of ML for 1.1.4.
Everything seems to work fine, the installation looks successful...

But when I restart the camera the only thing about ML I can see is this little sencence here at the bottom left

for the rest the MENU of the camera is exactly as before and I see no trace whatsoever of the ML presence...
What am I doing wrong?

Walter Schulz


Looks like I missed "Press ERASE button to bring up the Magic Lantern menu."
First time for me, just like I said...
Sorry ;)


Today I just Insall ML in my Canon 700D v1.1.4 with latest Build of ML. I am trying to create HDR video but there is lots of flickering appears in screen and output too.

Need Help how to use this in 700D.


Walter Schulz

HDR video has to flicker because it will use alternating exposure settings. Remove flicker in post-processing:


Thanks Walter,

I got another Error while recording movie "Skipping Frame, Movie recording Stopped automatically"

What is this?


Walter Schulz

You may want to use search first.


I'm new to ML to the point that I haven't installed it yet on my T5i.  I mainly am interested in it because I want to monitor audio with headphones while shooting. That makes be totally unique, I know - but I haven't found a direct answer to this, except that it *seems* it should work (without introducing a video monitoring problem), I just want some assurance before running a major change on the camera (my wife uses it too!).
I found out about ML through a YouTube video of a guy showing his setup of using the Canon USB AV cable into a headphone amp to his headphones (must be high ohm - sounds like low ohm phones will work without an amp).  I saw some comments about the Live View screen not having video when you do this - but he was using an external Lilliput monitor.  I just want to use the built in LCD - normal Live View.

So finally the question (sorry - it will maybe end up on "duplicate question" but...) if I install ML and use the Canon A/V cable (proprietary mini USB to RCA) feeding that with an adapter into headphones; will I still get video on the built in LCD on the camera?

Thanks very much!


Circuitbrkr - I use my t5i extensively for movie making (NOT documentaries or ENG!) and sound is critical to me. Last autumn I was in Sicily, recording a local brass band for a few hours. I used an external microphone with a memory card - and I used the built-in mikes for sync. In the end I used the sound from the built-in mikes. It was crisp, naturally beautiful. I have never had so much good sound from camera mikes before. You'll have to rehearse sound rendition - acoustics in your environment may be disastrous, and then you use your external mike and post-process the sound in Audition, Sound Booth, Audacity or whatever you use. Train with your gear. Don't be sloppy. Rehearse over and over. Camera work isn't to be taken lightly; after all it is a profession which demands a long education. Learn to know your camera by heart, before you install ml. One step at a time. You'll not want 100 new functions until you have a grasp of the original Canon software. And PLEASE consider Canon's 10-22 f3,5 wide ange for larger forums instead of a narrow-eyed 50mm (80mm in reality - your chip is aps-c!) whis is a fantastic lens for portraits but rather hard to keep focused at f1.4 (unless you have ml, of course, whose follow-focus is formidable.) The wide angle lens also brings your camera much closer to the action, which improves the sound considerably. In ml you are able to monitor sound via two sound bars on top of the screen - and it works very well in combination with Canon's built-in mike adjustment system.
I spent a long time using my beloved t5i, before I installed the ml. My girlfriend uses the camere almost as much as I do, and she's completely in love with ml.
Remember the recording times: ~29 minutes for each movie file. Use natural breaks in the show, you're capturing, stop and restart the camera - at the same time checking space and battery left. Don't ever leave the camera unattended.
Good luck and the harder you work, the more you'll appreciate the results.
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Is there any  advantage in using firmware .114 and the latest ML build? i mean is there anything new in comparison to the firmware .113 and the lates ML build for .113 firmware?


No other then when tweaks are made to the nightly in the future, you will need 114 to have them available on your camera. But 113 and 114 work the same, nothing any better or worse about it.
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I need more control over audio and thought magic lantern was the answer. FYI!!! ML does not have the AUDIO CONTROL feature with the 700D/T5i. I installed ML yesterday and realized there was NO AUDIO tab at the top menu. I looked on their user guide and saw, "Magic Lantern has no audio controls for Canon 600D/T3i and newer cameras".


emmettfitz - 700d has some audio control built in. You are able to set audio recording levels (see Canon User Guide p.198) but there is no audio jack for monitoring audio while recording. For an old rat like myself with 20+ years of experience with audio recording and TV production, the audio-recording meter ML displays on top of the display is by far good enough - and I record all important sound on a separate audio recorder as well (or use wireless mics/ext.mic jack on the camera). While recording you can't change recording levels anyway, so you'll have to do a few test shots and adjust audio accordingly. As I wrote in post above, the quality of sound from built-in mics is astoundlingly good under the right conditions.
Optimal sound control requires an audio mixer - there are several that fit in the hotshoe - that accepts separate or wireless mics. Nevertheless, separate audio recording and then using camera sound for sync is generally the best solution - and that goes for all cameras in the world.
Play with the camera - that's what it's made for. With or without ML it'll outperform many other cameras, if you have an intimate knowledge of its functions. An old journalist and editor such as myself is happy for ML - it resolves a truckload of issues.
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Dear all,

since i do a lot of studio shoots with my 700D, i found it inconvenient that i could not trigger an external flash in LiveView.

I activated the feature of ML that on exposure quickly leaves the LifeView-mode, triggers the flash and returns.

If the trigger button is pushed completely, the feature works without problems. However, when i half-press the button,  the system leaves live-view and then freezes.

I am going to go through the code and fix the issue on the next weekends. Does anybody from the developers have an idea what could be the cause?

Best regards