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Still lots of us watching and hoping and willing to donate and test.....best of luck you ML Heros!
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Thank you zemansky and pieter.fourie !
Although i am not a programer, please let me know if you need any help!


I'm willing to help with donations and testimg too!


wow, I had already given up, but I'm glad I came back to check if there's any progress :)

I actually tried understanding how porting works and stuff after I graduated, but I came to the realization that I am a total noob and I have no idea what is going on. I really did want to try helping out myself but I ended up doing some basic beginner programming lessons now that I have some free time. So I guess if I ever get to be of some help (to myself and others in this matter) it won't be any time soon.

Happy to see people are still working on it!


it's my first post, I am a user of magic lantern in my 60d, but broke down and had to buy a sl1, strange magic lantern and I am willing to donate and test if necessary.


I've compiled a few ROMs for both Windows Mobile 3-6, and Android.  I also have some Java under my belt (there is no end, so it'll always be "some"), and can read C++ (I daren't say I can do more than that, but if one can read it...).  I need some practice, and I desperately need flashies.

Can I help?  (More specifically, who's working on what, and what's not working yet?)


Seems like several are willing to help but still no action here. Maybe all the experienced devs are working on the paid Axiom project? I suspect that the SL-1 is not going to happen. Too bad as the SL-1 is a great camera.


To my knowledge, none of the ML devs are working on Axiom. In the last few months, I helped them tweak a few DNGs, and that was pretty much all the interaction between the two projects after the fundraising, unfortunately.



Yikes - that's quite a bit of somewhat disappointing news!
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Actually seen the 100D in real life for the first time yesterday. Really beautiful and especially small body. It's still on my todo-list (qemu-boot was successful months ago and still available on my bitbucket). But the fact of two existing firmware revisions (like we experience on 70D) rather discourages me to continue porting it - especially while 70D port is not stable yet. If 70D becomes stable and no one picked my work up (already answered private messages with instructions to some people months ago) I'll finish it for 100D @some time in future, too. But I must admit that some more maintainers for existing devices would be very cool. Could be also time to publish some kind of 2.X build and at the same time announce the official drop of support for older (vxworks / digic4) or non-maintained devices and clean up existing code a lil bit to make life easier...
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That's actually nice to hear and good to know -- Thanks @nikfreak!
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Agreed, nice to see you over here on the 100D build thread @nitfreak, I also have one of these in the family and it is a very nice little camera, it was my primary before the 70D.
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I got to the point where I felt I couldn't get further without running ML on the camera, but then I gave up when I didn't have time to figure out how the bootdisk fir compilation works. I have experience from hacking/digging around in proprietary arm code from the old dumbphone days, so I should be able to do some good to this project if I just get the time.


Guys, can you just start kickstarter campaign? With reasonable budget I think a lot of people will be happy to pay for that!

Walter Schulz

Crowdfunding what? A cam? We had crowdfunding (sort of) before for specific items without pushing money to Kickstarter/IndieGoGo or other crowdfunding sites.
Or crowdfunding a developer's sabbatical? Do you have a dev in mind willing doing so?


For finishing ML for 100D I want raw video :(

Walter Schulz

You didn't answer my question.
The money you intend to gather should be spent on
- buying a cam?
- "buying" developer's time?

In medival times it was common belief soiled cloth with some wheat left alone for 21 days will generate mice spontaneously. I hope you don't believe a ML port for 100D will erupt from a pile of money just by itself.
You need a developer and time and effort.

If you want raw video now: Get a cam able to do so.


I like 100D, cuz travel a lot on bike, where weight is important.
About crowdfunding - yep, developer-time. I see in this thread some people able to make ml, but obviously it's not easy, they have families, job and other more important things to do. I mean, I would have paid about 20$ for ML. Interpolating, say 100 people, we have 2k$. It's not enough?

Walter Schulz

I was employed as a consultant in IT some years ago and this budget would have covered 2-4 days.


In great country USA - maybe.
And even in USA similar facebook developer gets salary in about 120 000$. Its 10 000 $ per month, 2 500 $ per week.
But we didnt talk about super-smart coding, as I understand. Anyway, I think this is not bad amount of money for ML.


The topic of paying developers and/or commercializing ML comes up every so often. It will never happen (and that's a very good thing).

I would suggest reading one of the old threads on this subject:
The most harmful thing for this project is to start paying to any dev !
This was discussed already. Once you give someone money to work on this project, all the other devs will leave you. No new devs will be available, since it's hard to enter this environment. The project will slowly (or not so slowly) die!

The project is that BIG only because it is not commercial ! Once you make it commercial it will be ruined.


Getting a camera for a dev would be very reasonable, however I have not seen anyone yet say they can even do this port. The dev team claimed to have completed the port to the SL-1 years ago on Facebook, since then there has been no actual progress. That's pretty embarrassing and may be part of the reason nobody wants to touch this. For whatever reason though it is dead. I've decided to dump my SL-1 and get a camera that has what I need right from the factory. Still shopping but I'll check back in here after I buy.


So, is this well and truly dead? I find it hard to believe nobody capable has stepped up to the plate and at least made some kind of progress, especially since the 70d is doing stuff now.

I live in hope.


I'm now ready to do the job for 100D. One caveat: 100D has at least two know firmware revisions. Read through the 70D thread to understand what this means. Now I would like to get my hands onto a 100D + pancake lens to maintain the 100D. If you wanna help (got a wishlist on .de) please PM me.
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Quote from: nikfreak on August 23, 2015, 06:36:33 PM
I'm now ready to do the job for 100D. One caveat: 100D has at least two know firmware revisions. Read through the 70D thread to understand what this means. Now I would like to get my hands onto a 100D + pancake lens to maintain the 100D. If you wanna help (got a wishlist on .de) please PM me.
Sent you a PM.