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GoPro CineForm Studio Premium/Pro Settings for 5D3 RAW Video

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I now have my 5D3 running RAW, although with tiny images until I get new media.

New build of RAW2GPCF (RAW to GoPro CineForm)

Direct download for RAW2GPCF:  (I replaced the odd link)
The old v1.00 build is now here

Unzip are install here: C:\Program Files (x86)\CineForm\Tools

To run:

open a shell, and RAW2GPCF at the prompt

Usage: raw2gpcf inputfile.raw|avi [switches]
       -422- Encode to YUV 4:2:2 (default RAW.)
       -444- Encode to RGB 4:4:4 (default RAW.)
       -c  - use Cineon curve (black 95, white 685)
       -cbX- use Cineon curve with 'X' black point (default 95.)
       -cwX- use Cineon curve with 'X' white point (default 685.)
       -dX - use debayer type 1-softest thru 4-sharpest (default auto)
       -fX - the framerate override for AVI|MOV media.
       -gX - use gamma curve
       -iX - in point, start processing on frame X (default 0, disables audio.)
       -lX - use log curve of power X (GoPro Protune.)
       -oX - out point, e.g. -o10 would precess 0 thru 9 (default infinite.)
       -qX - the encoding quality for AVI|MOV (default 4, range 1-5.)
       -sX - skip every 'x' frames (default 0).
       -(x1,y1,x2,y2)  - window source Top Left (x,y) to Bottom Right (x2,y2)
  examples: raw2gpcf M00000004.raw NewRAW5.avi
            raw2gpcf new422.AVI M0000005.RAW -d1 -q3 -422
            raw2gpcf new444.AVI M0000005.RAW -d3 -q5 -444
            raw2gpcf V:\Conversions\newRAW.AVI E:\M0000052.RAW -l400 -d2 -q5
  RAW2GPCF version: 1.01 May 27, '13, (c)2013 GoPro.

Feature additions:
-444 : performs the demosaic and encodes to 4:4:4 (requires a GoPro Studio Premium license.)
-422 : performs the demosaic and encodes to 4:2:2 (requires a free install of GoPro CineForm Studio -- Premium not needed.) and is limited to 1920x1080 under the free encoder license.

Both these new modes are still RAW for color processing, only the demosaic is baked. While the 4:2:2 option will be popular for cost-conscious, the image development controls for RAW are more flexible in the Premium level GUI.

Also 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 modes are slower than the default RAW transcodes.  RAW has the greatest flexibililty as I do want to add more demoasicing options in the future.

This fixes a crash in the windowing switch.

Gotta love the support companies are already showing for ML raw, much appreciated.

Canon might want to take note...

This is hardly an official company supported tool, just something I did on the side.  Yet GoPro does support transcoding other cameras, so I used the code base for the Vision Research Phantom transcoder as the .cine files are very like .RAW.  Don't expect this tool to become part of a regular software distribution. Yet notice how this tool requires you to have GoPro software, so it is a win-win I feel. ;)

Ahh, gotcha. Good point though, our raw workflow options (especially mac) are quite limited.


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