Compiled list of card speeds

Started by Audionut, July 13, 2014, 01:58:17 AM

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Don't just do a few times of benchmarks,you should do a lot of real shootings,after all,it's a camera.I returned this card ,it's garbage.Now I 'm having a SanDisk extreme pro U3 C10 V30 A2 micro sd card,256G,very good price,almost half the price of the equivalent SD version!
Actually,I'm typing this thread while testing the new card with eosm.I keep the camera recording with different settings,recording for long time,strange things have happened,including speed droping.NOT as stable as my old extreme pro 95MB/s SD card!
More real testing!!
......Oh no,this sandisk will drop speed about 6 minutes of recording ,then have to restart the camera to keep shooting!
More testing....
FORMATED the card using canon camera low level formating,record again,about 30 minutes have past,no droping speed anymore!! This card is as good as sd versions of extreme pro!

you can see ,I recorded a 48 minutes raw video,the file size is 133GB,that can say a lot about the stability of the card pairing with the current "crop moon "build.
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How fast? Anyone tested?