5D Mark III 1.1.3 download link?

Started by eatstoomuchjam, May 12, 2013, 06:05:35 PM

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I updated my firmware to 1.2.1 to mess with HDMI out and my Hyperdeck, but I'm really excited by the latest updates about raw video to CF!  I see from a previous thread that a downgrade is possible, but I'm having trouble finding a link to download 1.1.3 on any of Canon's sites.  Has anybody else had better luck (or is there a mirror of the older firmware somewhere)?  If anybody has a link to download 1.1.3, I'd greatly appreciate it!  Thanks!


Ah, answered my own question.  The CHDK wiki has a link.  I'll leave the topic around in case anybody else is searching the site for it too.



You can get a more up-to-date list on my homepage here: http://eoscard.pel.hu
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