Author Topic: 5D mark IV 4K video in .h264 instead of mjpg  (Read 6667 times)

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5D mark IV 4K video in .h264 instead of mjpg
« on: January 10, 2017, 03:46:25 AM »
Could you please add the option to shoot at a 100mb/sec bitrate or even cooler, the option to choose the bit rate you would like? If something like shooting in prores LT is possible, even better.

The single biggest issue with shooting 4K on the 5D mark iv for practical purposes is the 500 Mb/sec bitrate together with motion jpeg. It chews up a 64GB card in like 10 minutes and it's not necessary to have so much data gobbled up so quickly in most cases. Plus it doesn't play back as nicely in Premier Pro as other codecs like prores or h.264. I don't see a benefit in image quality compared to 4K footage from other cameras. So motion jpeg is pretty much all negative with no real plus.

My thought is that if the hardware can easily push through that kind of data rate, the hardware could easily support a lower bitrate option. Then it would just come down to software to unlock that power.

I shoot most of my video on a Sony a7sii and EVERY single time I compare the footage to the 4K from my 5D mk IV in the same situation, the Canon looks 10X better because of it's color science. So I would LOVE to just sell the sony and get another mk iv but the bitrate is a huge hurdle to get over. This would be a massive game changer.

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Re: 5D mark IV 4K video in .h264 instead of mjpg
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2017, 07:50:14 AM »
ML will go one step better and give you full raw data, so you can fill up that puny card in a couple of seconds.
Well, maybe, after someone actually ports ML to the 5D Mark IV and all. 

Feel free to PM me or another mod to reopen this thread when you see 5D Mark IV downloads over here.