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Started by coutts, December 16, 2012, 06:19:02 AM

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I am about to upgrade to a FF but I am vacillating between Canon and Nikon. I like the recently released D750 but I prefer the Canon 135mm F2 lens to the Nikon's equivalent. If I go for Canon, I have to stick to the 6D since I cannot afford 5DMKIII at the moment. Based on the results from the 6D AF is as inaccurate as the 5DMKII. I don't want to mount a fabulous lens on a mediocre camera and end up with soft photos. Can you please tell me about assists that I can get from ML? I just shoot still, no video.

Things that I really like to know are as follows:
Does the permanent DFP work via view finder?
Is focus peaking accurate for checking the focus after taking the shot?
How long does ETTR take to meter before taking the shot?  I am interested in using Press Set option
Are ETTR and RAW based zebra accurate?
Is the focus pattern for manual focus usable via viewfinder? If yes, is it more accurate than the in-camera built confirmation?

If I get the D750, I can only afford a 85mm1.8g for my portraits but if I get the 6D, I can get this magical 135mm f2. So, I would really appreciate it if you could share your experience with me on ML.


Currently using the RAW MLV for a couple of shoots. Will keep updated on any and all bugs I find! So far: I've been keeping a cropped resolution and it seems very stable with only one shot unaccounted for on my memory card. When I first used ML on the 6d I had a couple issues with footage being gone, but so far this has been the only occurrence. I did find that attempting playback immediately following the shot, forcing the camera to index the images and acknowledge them, seems to eliminate the issue, but it would be nice to feel confidence if I'm in a pinch. I have some better cards on their way that will hopefully allow me to reach a stable full resolution (cropped only to fit 2:35/2:50, it's still cinematic!) I wish it were possible to utilize the full frame in RAW, understanding the limitations of the write speed of the camera.

Maybe a stupid question and I fixed it at one point, but accidentally undid it. Is there any way to keep the cropped framing that I choose during record mode in MLV RAW? I have no issues with the regular RAW record function, but it always shows the cropped visual until I begin to record, then it shows the full frame.

A bit frustrating when, even trying my hardest, some things still escape my frame.


ML Menu > Movie > RAW Video (MLV) > Global Draw => "Allow"


downgraded my 6D to 1.1.3 and installed october build of nightly builds
n voila its running like a charm!
one issue guys
in silent pictures i am not getting full resolution option!!!
here is the screen shot

Walter Schulz

Full res silent pic is in experimental state. Not suitable for distribution yet.


I had been happily using ML on my 6D for over a year, and then I sent the camera to Canon repair to fix it (wouldn't wake up?), and they upgraded my firmware to 1.1.4 while it was in the shop.

I've downgraded to 1.1.3, installed the last build I was using (24-08-2013) and then updated firmware in the camera again with 1.1.3, but still no ML.  Low-level formatted card in camera again.   Copied the latest build onto card (magiclantern-Nightly.2014Oct08.6D113) and made card bootable with Macboot succesfully, still no luck.  Made sure to include all files, and had autoexec.bin file in root directory of card

I see there is a small Unix file in the latest build (ML-6D113.FIR), but I am scared to try to use it to update my firmware in the camera, as it is only 39Kb, and all the other Canon firmware updates are around 20Megs.  I had understood that a problem while updating firmware could cripple your camera.

Is this small Unix file (ML-6D113.FIR) actually what I need to get ML up and running again, by selecting upgrade firmware in the camera again, using this file?  Does it just make your card bootable or something?

I really miss having ML, and would appreciate any help in figuring out what I need to do to get it back!


Run installation again as described in first post of this thread.
I'm pretty sure your installation routine looked something different.
The FIR file is needed to run the installation process.


Hi, i've been running ML on my 6D for a few day's now... Love it!

But here are my list of issues with the software.
1. Menu time out.  If I select a feature through the menu I have aprox 2 to 4 seconds before it kicks me back to the previous menu. It's very annoying but it doesn't make the software unusable... but still annoying.

2. Raw cannot write to my SD card fast enough. I have a Sandisk Extreme Pro 95 MB/s 64 GB card. And I can't shoot raw at any  freindly resolution for more then a second above 1280 x 720 before it drops frames and fails. 1280 and below works only a few seconds longer.

3. Shooting a slower FPS works but... If I shoot a slower FPS sometimes this happens , or if I turn on FPS ramping it will also happen. FPS ramping does not seem to work on my 6D.

4. Focus peaking works but... It seems to get confused by high contrast areas and if something is in focus. Also, it would be nice if the focus peaking dots were a single color like green (the Black Magic Camera uses green monochrome), not the current rainbow dots.

Thank you everyone who's worked on Magic Lantern, I do appreciate this software that will help me with my photo's and video.


point 1: menu time out is a well known problem, but nobody knows how to fix keep pushing buttons while you're in the menu  :P
Point 2: Are you using 30fps NTSC ? Try fps override to 25fps or 24fps. Can you see the writing speed to the card while you are filming.
I get about 40MB/s with a Sandisk Extreme Pro 95 MB/s 64 GB card which is enough to do continuous 1280x720x25fps.
Point 3:fps override doesn't work on all available speed options, so maybe try 1 fps higher or lower  :-\
Point 4: I don't use focus peaking, but I thought you could set it to different colors somewhere in the menu.


Thanks for the reply - just to clarify - the 39Kb file 'ML-6D113.FIR' is a patch/update for the 1.1.3 firmware, and then I'm magic?

I just couldn't wrap my mind around updating with such a small file, since all the other firmware's have been around 20 megs.


The ML .FIR file does not actually contain any "firmware". It is sort of like a "vector" that we insert our "malicious" payload into to get the camera to execute it. Our payload is simply a little bit of code that sets the camera's bootflag and a few other technical things. Once we have the camera's bootflag set, the camera will execute "autoexec.bin" on any bootable cards it finds. The autoexec.bin actually contains ML's executable code, and this code runs on top of Canon firmware (like an exe on your computer) it does not replace it.


I'm trying to use DotTune on the latest nightly build and it says "Wrong version (v6.0, expected v5.0). It also says OldAPI next to it. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Walter Schulz

Delete card's ML directory and Autoexec.bin. Copy extracted nightly build contents to card and try again. Results?


That worked! Thanks!


Want to try ML again i had it before on my old 550D (i think it was).
Used it on my 7D for a couple of days and on my 6D.
Main problem is i normally format my cards in my camera, this because i had a problem once with a snacks card and I talked to the guys at the Scandisk booth at Photokina back in 2012 and they told me better to reformat your card then to delete stuff.
But that is why i never use ML anymore however i love the extra's even donated a couple of times.
Now i would like to test, too bad i really have no idea about programming.
But i will give it a try hope there is ever coming a ML for the 6D like for the 700D so you don't need to have it on the SD card all the time..
Upgraded my gear, now using a Canon 6D

Walter Schulz

I have no idea what you are talking about.
First: If ML is running on the card the default option to format the card is keeping ML on it.
Second: There is an ML nightly build for 6D.

Please explain what your problem actually is.


I would like to develop a module or a script to make sure that the camera performs a specific command automatically every few minutes.

How can I do?

I saw that some people use PICOC but I do not understand if it is compatible with our camera and how to start the script....


PicoC? It should be TCC which needs some work to get implemented correctly. PicoC needs to be ported to TCC. It's on the To-Do-List. For more info and a proof of concept have a look here:

As you didn't gave much infos about what exactly you wanna achieve with your script/module it may be also useful for other devices. Implementing your idea with TCC would be very welcome otherwise try as a module by comparing how other modules have been realized in source code.
[size=8pt]70D.112 & 100D.101[/size]


what I want to do is keep active liveview after 30 minutes.

I tried using the function Sticky DOF Preview but the command starts the 30th minute and did not have time to reset the countdown, so the camera closes the mirror and immediately reopens.


redlyon please have a look here:

I can't say for sure if I understood your needs for liveview. But in some way the above pull request by a1ex should suit your needs if you check out what it does. a1ex discovered a way to disable powersave while recording. You could use this technique on other modules, too
[size=8pt]70D.112 & 100D.101[/size]


Is this "disable power save" already implemented/available in the latest nightly build for 6d?


Mhhh, sounds interesting the content of the page that you have reported to me.
I want to get the ability to record video using a hdmi recorder with hard disk.
So I would use the HDMI output of the camera to record video during the events in my city. But I need to exceed the limit of 30 minutes.

I turned off the power saving options of the camera.

I noticed that to keep active the hdmi output, just press the AF-ON button. The video will not be affected because the whole scene will always be in focus.

So what I need is that the software push the button af-on every few minutes to keep always on the hdmi output.


Does that trick work to surpass the 30 minute limit though? IDK if anyone has even tested that. Even if you disable power save manually from the Canon menu, the camera will still exit LV after 30mins. I think that PR is mostly just a connivence thing so that users don't have to remember to turn off power save in the Canon menu manually.

Quote from: redlyon on November 29, 2014, 03:34:49 PM
So what I need is that the software push the button af-on every few minutes to keep always on the hdmi output.
That won't work. We can emulate button presses from software, but they don't seem to reset the auto-power-off timers like real physical button presses do (and last time I checked, software cannot physically press buttons :P). We need to find a way to reset those timers, or disable them completely (this requires reverse engineering). I think the main reason this hasn't been accomplished is because it takes 30 mins to reproduce the situtation, and no devs have the endless hours it would require to be just sitting there waiting on the camera to figure this one out.


@dmilligan: I have no clue myself. It was just something that popped up into my mind. Maybe it won't work.

@redlyon a simple google search yielded a possible solution for you. I can't confirm it as I never tested hdmi output:

@Levas it isn't merged yet into unified. But it worked when I tried it upon request on 6D
[size=8pt]70D.112 & 100D.101[/size]


Quote from: dmilligan on November 29, 2014, 04:55:21 PM
Does that trick work to surpass the 30 minute limit though?

If I remember correctly, it does. I wrote it to bypass the 30-minute limit for fullres silent pics, and I think I tried it once, back then.

See also .