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Started by scrax, December 08, 2012, 12:53:26 AM

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Please guys if you had experience about Canon servicing or not your camera under warranty with ML installed, post about it here so we can have a more clear idea on how ML influences warranties. ;)
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In 2010 Canon repaired my 550D that was crashed over warranty. ML firmeware was still installed.
550d (Same serial numer) came back to me repaired and with clean 1.1.9 and no comments from Canon at all.
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If you remove the software then would there be any trace that the software has ever been there?

From my understanding it can be removed without a trace. Is this not true?

If this is the case then Canon would never have any way to prove that the software was on there.
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I actually called the Canon service center in Virginia back in Feb of this year, and talked with one of the service techs regarding ML and Canon's warranty.

He told me he had heard of ML and was familiar with it and that it did not void the service warranty.

He also mentioned that they request you pull the battery and storage media prior to sending your camera in for service.  No trace of ML.

I wonder how many canon reps use ML.

Walter Schulz

Common statement: "There will be no trace of ML if the card (where ML is installed) will be removed".
That's not correct! The camera's boot flag is still enabled and therefore detectable.



Yes but apparently Canon doesn't even care about the bootflag.
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Had a 5d3's SD slot fail - sent it in they fixed it under warranty.  I did change the firmware to 1.2.1 first, but obviously the bootflag was set.  No problems.


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