Started by inigobar, November 14, 2012, 07:53:33 PM

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Hi All!.
I dont know if this functionality is already implemented or not (i've just tested the beta of the 7d, and is not there).
It could be great if we could make crops to images directly in camera, maybe to the jpgs only, thus preserving RAW. I used to "simulate" this cropping function, by zooming the image in the camera display, but due to the discretization of the zoom factors, the perfect crop is difficult to achieve. What do you think?
Thanks in advance to all that are working in this great project!!!  :)


I'm going to predict the outcome: not in the project's scope (assuming it's even possible). ML does not replace (trivial) post-processing but it does things that are impossible (or not properly possible) with post-processing
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Thanks nanomad for your answer. I know that is a "trivial" post-pro functionality, but I know that it could be interesting in some contexts, where the images need to be sent directly out from the camera. I understand the project's scope, It was only an idea.
Best :)