What camera are you running ML on?

Started by nanomad, November 02, 2012, 05:55:01 PM

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Simple title for a simple question.
- You can place more than one preference
- I've included cameras that aren't released yet or that have a beta/alpha ML port
- Max 3 prefs, if you have more write them below (I'll add them manually)
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sam dig



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Hi, we mainly use:

5D Mark 3
5D Mark 2

There are plans to use EOS-M in near future if it shows to be good enough in IQ (stills & movie), especially due to the compact size, very handy in many situations.

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Here it is. My first post. :)
I just bought a second hand 600D.
It's a nice camera but with ML installed I can think of nothing even close to Canon DSLRs.


550D at the moment, and will buy 5DMK3 if HDMI out (Canon or ML future release) can boost detail.
Keep up the good work! Thanks for everything to date!


600D and yesterday bought 7D. Still learning, how the 7d functions work n little thingies n stuff.






Currently 60D, absolutely a great camera for video!

Thinking about upgrading to FF in the future, 5DIII or 6D.

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I got a mark II, but I'm thinking on buying a GH2 or a GH3 depending on what the final GH3 image looks like OR I might buy another CANON if the geniuses of ML can cook better bit rates. 

That's whats really important to me right now, getting better bitrates, all other cameras seem to have better bitrates than CANON cameras.  Not to mention the Black Magic Camera being just 3k.

But if High bitrates are a reality soon I rather get another CANON, then I can use it as a Second or B camera on shoots with my Mark II and match the look in post easier than with another brand.


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GH2 is upscaled 720P. Gh3 might be better or BMCC for sure.


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Loving it on the 60D maybe I'll buy a 5DMK2 or 6D. Though Sony's cameras are looking pretty PHAT right now!
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our team uses 5dm3, 5dm2, 550d & two 600d

possibly in future...
6d as a cheaper alternative to 5dm3
eos-m as a lighter weight gluidecam alternative to 550d/600d

keep up the great work!  :)


the 550 d is still the best "bang for the buck" in my book,.  and with magic lantern being able to have hdr and timelapse built in its a no brainer..   great work..  ;)


I'm running ML on a 550D. If I was going for a second Canon cam, it would probably be 600D (for the articulating screen and 3x crop). Third choice would be 5D3, but at that price point I would be leaning more toward BMCC.