Limiting factor in burst mode

Started by Simon, October 31, 2012, 03:17:20 PM

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I wonder whats the limiting factor in Jpeg Photo burst mode. Of course the shutter and the mirror are mechanical parts that have to be operated. But what if we disable the mechanical shutter and mirror and use an electronic shutter like in movie mode. The bitrate isnt too high . I mean 1080p / 2k jpeg images arent big at all.
Is the digic processor not fast enough ?


If we're talking about SD cards, the write speed isn't enough to cope with 720p YUV 422 files. We have yet to figure out how to feed those to the JPEG encoder so no "Magic Lantern" e-shutter is currently possible
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hm i thought just about the photo mode. the eos 7ds burst mode is 8 fps the 550d is 3.5 and the 1dx is up to 14 fps. All at full fesolution. I mean if the mirror would be locked all the time what frame rate would be possible at lower resolution ? 1080 resolution is about 1/10th of the full resolution so the bitrate would not be higher than recording video i think.


As far as i know, we cant just lock up the Mirror and take Pictures only moving the shutter, also we cant get pcitures leaving the shutter open, wich is another limiting factor.

It is possible to read LiveView-buffer tough. Wich is the SilentPic-funktion of ML.
Don't know how the Framerate of this is...

If like... 1080p oder 720p is enough in resolution, you could do a Video and cut out single frames in post ;)