Option for Shutter Speed assigned to any Customized Button under Preferences

Started by zenny, February 14, 2024, 07:21:28 AM

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I am using crop mood from Danne in eos-m with manual lenses in Manual mode. Thus, an option to assign, say L and R arrows to shutter speed would be ideal as the aperture is manually controlled in the manual mode. However shutter speed option to assign to any customized button seems missing. Btw, I assigned U/D Arrows to ISO.

I meant ML ->> Pref (7th icon) --> Customize buttons -->L/R Arrows --> Shutter Speed

I request the developers to add shutter speed option also to 'Customize buttons'.

BTW, I am aware that the rotating wheel is assigned to shutter speed by default, but the increament is not by a fraction of a second but jumps like 33,42, and 50 and so on. Actually for a 5.2k 2:35:1 mode, 1/48 would be ideal as the FPS is ~24, I guess. So I would like to lock 1/48 for the movie mode.