Sup! Hello from mex. T7i 800D

Started by arvakur, October 08, 2023, 07:53:35 AM

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Hey! Hello everyone!!! Greetings from México!!

So this will be short... i Hope lol...

So im Israel from México city, so ever since i had the oportunity to test ML on a 5D i was So inloved that software... but it was on a firends camera, then well i thought if i bought a T7i well i would have a better cam right? But after this many years of waiting and not knowing a thing on programming... i know that maybe i should have gone for a camera that had s-log right? Instead of waiting for an update on the T7i... which it never came eventually.

Though now im starting to learn to program in python, im still a noob to that...

So well im here because I think that we as camera users, owners should be able from the start to have  a real good cameras right? I mean if the camera can output 10 bit to 14? 16? DUAL ISO? from FHD to 5k? 60p? Zebras? False color?

Anything ese is better than rec709 8 bit...

I really mean that if those are the capabilities of the camera but you cannot access them from the start then theres something wrong right? Its like that topic on obsolet programation... right?

So im really thanfull with you guys for doing something as amazing as this, keep it up. Im just a noob and i really want to learn, but how? How do i even start?

I asked if there was going to be a release for my camera... so now its been what? Like almost 6 years... (T___T) and believe me if I was able to help i would, if i had the chance to know programming ID be happy to help release the true potential of this cameras.

So can some one help me please im traying to know how to build a ML versión for the T7i which is a 800D, Digic 7 firmware 1.1.0

I downloaded the dev folder of the MLSimplified? I opened it in VS code... but how can i do it?

how do we work on it? Im really starting to learn programming, but damn im just starting and well is it going to take me forever?... so i need a lot of help  here, because i love my camera and its so Hard to know that it has so many potential but you cant access it... not even download a firmware update because it doesnt even exist...

This should be considered as ethical hacking, right?

Hope that there is some one that has already put ML into the T7i that can help me, because it was So frustrating that many caneras were given an update, lots but not my camera lol... why? How can i help?

Hope you all are doing grate, thanks for taking time on my post.