5Diii BJJ Open Mat - any fix for LED light flicker?

Started by belalkhansocial, September 06, 2023, 04:36:54 AM

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Yours truly getting smashed while my buddy captures it on my 5d3 magic lantern. gyro stabilized and intercut with Insta360 1-inch.

2.8K 14-bit lossless with tokina 14-20 f2 @ 17mm f2.8 (~35mm with the 2x ml crop)

Does anyone know if there's a way to dial in the shutter down to a decimal. Newer cameras have this feature to compensate for flicker from LED lights. Not sure if this can be done in ML.


Great video man! One question, you wrote "gyro stabilized". PLEASE tell me how you do that with the 5d3, using the insta360 for the metadata? thanks!


I'm also trying to stabilize my 5d3 footage using gyroflow and my smartphone or some action cam as gyro logger but I really can't manage to syncronize gyro data and magic lantern footage. How did you do that? What's your workflow? Do you use the same framerate for the action cam and the 5d3?

Bruno Moly

Shutter fine tunning {fine tune shutter speed in approx. 20-microsecond increasements.
• See basic "Movie" menu. You have to check at which value it goes away yourself... zooming (5x / 10x)...
Similar settings are only found on new mirrorless cameras. Alternative a really strong video light?  :)
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