Author Topic: Setting shutter speed, bulb timer and using intervalometer in a module  (Read 281 times)


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I'm still working on the astro module and I'd like to make it take a sequence of pictures; simplifying a bit, it should be something like this:
- enable the "bulb" timer and set the exposure time
- take a sequence of N1 photos
- wait for a key press (half-shutter or set, or something else)
- change the exposure time to the fastest allowed value
- take a sequence of N2 photos

Can somebody point me out to the functions in ML that I should call? Should I be using the intervalometer or maybe it's easier&faster to boil my own? In the end the intervalometer should be a simple for cycle, or maybe there's more complex things going on under the cover?



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I know two main ways to get started finding info.  Grep for INTERVAL in src - this will get you most of the code around the built-in intervalometer.  Check modules/adv_int, this is a separate module based intervalometer.

If practical I'd recommend you extend one of the existing implementations rather than create a third!  That said, I haven't looked at the code quality, functionality etc of those implementations.

An ideal solution might be to unify the functionality of the two implementations and remove one of them.