Card spanning code

Started by dpjpandone, January 25, 2023, 01:30:51 AM

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I'm trying to track down the repository that has card spanning ported to MLV lite. I realize this exists in Dannes super bleeding edge builds but there's so much going on it's hard for me to follow. For the most part I'm happy with the handling of MLV lite that the latest 2018 crop-rec iteration that Alex left off on.  I would just like to see an example of card spanning ported to MLV lite in its simplest form. Can anyone please  point me in the right direction?


That's the code in recent mlv_lite from my branch. Ilia did a good job.


Thanks Danne,

  I was sifting through your experimental thread last night when I found that; is it still recommended to turn SD overclock OFF with spanning enabled? Or is everything fine now?