Manon EOS M at ISO 1600

Started by irfansmirza, February 07, 2022, 08:17:19 AM

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Low-light high-ISO performance is not EOS-M's strength.  You could try Dual ISO at 800/3200 in the 1280x2160 anamorphic mode which will give you somewhat cleaner results but do not expect miracles.  Please get yourself a small adjustable LED light from the ones that attach to the camera's hot shoe and try to illuminate people's faces and the scene in the foreground slightly.  This will allow you to film at Dual ISO 200/1600 or 400/3200 while exposing to the right (ETTR) and also to focus more precisely.  Be careful with the light intensity if you wish to preserve a naturally looking scene.  In a situation like this, if you do not push the darks too much in post, you will get very beautiful and clean images with sufficient detail in the shadows.  This requires some practice though. 

Good luck and have fun!


EOS 700D