The power comsumpton is 15% per hour on my 6D

Started by williamy, February 16, 2021, 10:04:26 AM

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To be fair, i am not sure whether it should be considered as normal or abnormal due to lacking of things to compare with. but according to your wiki page, with magic lantern, it comsumes power than only the original firmware, because "Magic Lantern disables CPU powersaving features".

Sure, the magic lantern is so powerful when we need the dual ISO, the RAW recording,... thanks for the effort on making these happened. But think about this, what if we are on the trip, and only 1 battery left...

So, here is my question. Is it possible to "keep the CPU powersaving features" if we turn off all the magic lantern modules??

Walter Schulz

Does this power consumption happen while idle or during recording/streaming? For idle it is much too high!

You may want to reset ML to defaults. Prefs tab/screen -> Config files -> Restore ML defaults.
Check power consumption again.


The GPS in the 6D is known for draining the battery while idle, or even off.
So for longer battery live, turn GPS off in Canon menu.

There is an option to not load Magic lantern at startup of the camera.
I believe you have to press and hold the 'set' button while switching on the camera.


Thanks for the reply,

The "set" button is exactly what i was looking for.

The magic lantern developers are so kind, so considerate. appreciate your efforts!