Author Topic: Vertical lines in live view on 70D  (Read 317 times)


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Vertical lines in live view on 70D
« on: December 03, 2021, 03:31:32 PM »
TLDR; do you know how to fix this?

Really frustrated and hoping someone has run into this before. I am getting vertical lines on my 70D screen, but only in live view (see link above). If I go to the menu or the normal still image settings screen, the lines aren't there.

This happened while I was shooting video. I shut the camera off, and when I turned it back on I was getting "err 70" and "err 80" errors. After removing the battery a few times, I got it to turn back on, but the lines were still there. I eventually got the lines to go away by cycling through the mode dial. I checked the video and the lines aren't in them. It's just on my screen.

I thought it was fixed for good, but it happened again. This time I can't fix it. If I turn off the camera, detach the lens, then reattach, the screen won't come on at all when I power the camera back up. I have to remove the battery a few times before it comes on again, but the lines are still there.

It may be coincidence, but this happened the same day I fixed a hot pixel on my sensor. I had a purple pixel showing up in all of my videos. All I did was initiate a manual cleaning from the menu, but did not actually clean the sensor. I didn't even take the lens off. I read that this would fix any "stuck" pixels, and it did work. I used the camera for quite a while after doing this, though, with no problems.

I've factory reset the camera, upgraded the firmware, and formatted the SD card. The issue persists.

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to give all the info. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Walter Schulz

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Re: Vertical lines in live view on 70D
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2021, 04:51:53 PM »
Connect your cam to TV set/monitor via HDMI or use USB with EOS Webcam Utility and check streaming content. Are those lines visible via HDMI and/or USB, too?