5D Mark 3 Magic Lantern Official Music Video

Started by huyct666, July 11, 2021, 04:16:41 PM

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We shot this entire music video in 10bit , 3:2 aspect ratio
Love to hear some opinions

Mehmet Kozal

Nice one. Loved the scenes and ML gave the footage that cinema feel.
Canon 650D user. Also, Bilal Fakhouri is a hero.


Very nice colors and lighting! 3:2 format looks very interesting. What build and lens did you use?


hi i use the experimental 10bit 12bit use for 5d3 113

lenses used:

canon ef 35 1.4L
canon ef 24 1.4L II
canon ef 50 1.2L
canon ef 85 1.2L

soviet mir1v 37 2.8
soviet helios 44-2 f2
soviet mir 47 20mm f2.5

thánks for watching



Amazing work !

1. Could you tell me what CF card did you use for this ?
2. Is that gave you the continuous recording possibility?

You upscaled the footage to 4K in MLV app, or your CF speed allowed you to select 2160p(4K) within Magic Lantern menu?
5D MK3 1.1.3 and Danne's latest build with Sandisk Extreme CF card (120mb/sec reading speed, writing is less of course), 60D Nightly Build


Wow im surpirsed how clean it looks, however I do have some questions,

1. how was the hdmi feed when using the camera?
2. same as #6, what cf card did you use and was it stable continuous recording?
3. May I know what mode you shot on? cdng 10 bit, at what resolution and is it full frame/ cropped?