Red and white patterns in the middle of the image

Started by AdamLitous, June 13, 2021, 06:28:15 AM

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Yesterday EOS M began to have some red and white dots in oredered pattern, like lines in squere in the middle of the image (not like regular dead or stuck pixels), it only can be seen in lantern's video modes, in photo modes and in standart video modes, when lantern is off there is none of them (when lantern is on even is standart mode it happenes). Do you know what is it, there were no dots previously. Could it be that lantern had dammaged the sensor? But it strange, when ML loads there is no dots, and then after 2 seconds, screen reloads with all UI elements and dots appear. They are baked in to all videos, so it is not UI problem. I tried to find what is causing it, but no sucsess, tried to reinstall - no results. Here are photos of this: