User feedback about Canon Camera Connect App wanted

Started by Walter Schulz, April 22, 2021, 10:42:18 AM

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Walter Schulz


Asking for feedback from users running Canon's Camera Connect App.
It may be helpful to get movie mode switch (or similiar function) back into ML.
What do I mean by that? ATM it is not possible for ML to switch from photo mode to video (and back) without using physical switches (main dial,..).
Camera Connect allows to switch back and forth by software using my 250D/SL3. And it would be helpful to get some info if this function is enabled on other cams, too. Esp. those with older Digic.

How to test:
Set cam into photo mode. Connect to app and take a pic via app. Now switch to video within app (do not use cam's dials!) and start recording. Stop recording (via app again) and switch back to photo mode (via app). Take a pic via app.
If you are able to record a video and cam take a pic test is successful completed.

List of cams to test:

[DIGIC 4+]
1300D/T5: n (confirmed by u/ThunderHashashin) Cam unable to use WiFi/NFC in video mode.

70D n (tested by ArcziPL)
6D y/n

[DIGIC 6] - Confirmed
750D/T6i y/n
760D/T6s y/n
80D y Confirmed

[DIGIC 7] -> Confirmed
200D/SL2 y Confirmed
800D/T7i y/n
77D y/n
6D II y

[DIGIC8] -> Confirmed
250D/SL3: y

Thanks for your support!

PS: Don't ask for a time frame to make it happen. This is just an inquiry and mode switch by ML will definitely not come into being any time soon!
PPS: For ML users it might be best to run this test without ML being active.


Quote from: Walter Schulz on April 22, 2021, 10:42:18 AM
70D y/n
6D y/n
Hello Walter,

I guess this answers the question for 70D:

Probably it's there for a reason. :)

Anyway, 70D and 60D1 have a dedicated switch for photo/video mode so I don't really see a need for mode remapping for these two particular cams.
M50.110 [main cam] | G7X III [pocket cam] | 70D.112 [gathers dust] | M.202 [gathers dust] | waiting for M5II

Walter Schulz

That was not the question. ;-)
There are use cases where switching between modes by software (remotely or not) without access to physical dials would come handy. And this was the very reason this feature was once part of ML's feature set. And my 250D has a dedicated hardware switch, too.
Just to humour me: Try to do the test anyway! Camera to photo mode, connect via CameraConnect and let us see if 70D can be switched to video despite telling you it can't be done. It would not be the first time Canon being wrong about what can be done ...


I really wanted to avoid the adventure of connecting the app with 70D... :P UX is so crappy, that it always takes me 30 minutes of random clicking until I find the right sequence how to do that. O___o This feature is just useless in the field.

But OK, you've convinced me. ;) Result: the app doesn't have any option to switch to video mode. Even the hardware switch is deactivated with WLAN=enabled.
M50.110 [main cam] | G7X III [pocket cam] | 70D.112 [gathers dust] | M.202 [gathers dust] | waiting for M5II

Walter Schulz

Thanks! I'm not even trying to defend this app! No, Sir!


Camera Connect is still way better than the old "EOS Remote". :) And in case of 70D I have bigger problems with the Wifi menu of the camera itself than the mobile app. Some of the adventures: 1) connect the app if your phone already has the password stored. You can't, need to delete the saved netword first. :) 2) Find password in the cam settings if wifi network was already once configured. :) The procedure is totally stupid. 3) Find the hidden button to proceed with connecting procedure after you connect your phone to cam's network. It's not in the app itself but in notification list of your phone. Canon logic.
M50.110 [main cam] | G7X III [pocket cam] | 70D.112 [gathers dust] | M.202 [gathers dust] | waiting for M5II