Canon 6D / Firmware 1.1.3

Started by coutts, December 16, 2012, 06:19:02 AM

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Is there any way to see how much GB remain on card while recording on screen? When I not recording ML show how many GB  remain on card (in upper right corner) but while recording it show me only 25fps instead remaining GB ;(


I don't know how it should be, but real space remaining on card updating only after turn off/on camera.
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I download today and install last version ML on my camera. I turn on module: ettr, silent, raw recording. Restart. Then i turn on ettr and silent. Then i change aperture to 5,6. Then i turn on intervalometer. After few second my camera make a 5 shots, but when i look the parameters of this shoot i see aperture = 2.8. I try many times, format card, change any parameters, but my camera all time in intervalometer set aperture = 2.8.
Can anybody help me and told what i do wrong?


Silent picture doesn't close the diafragma when taking a picture.
To use diafragma You need to turn on the expo override option in the ML menu.
This way it closes the diafragma.


i turn on "expo override" and try few times. but when i look the parameters of this shoot i still see aperture = 2.8. i turn on and of "expo sim". And ETTR also. And when i turn ETTR the iso was huge



i have few old lenses 24-70, 16-35, 70-200. I tried them all