5D Mark II - unable to reinstall ML, LiveView no longer working

Started by honza123, March 16, 2021, 10:57:32 AM

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Magic Lantern served well for several years without a problem. At the moment, it looks like bootloader is not active.
The problem occurred when Camera went into standby mode. After this event the Magic Lantern did not re-read from the CF card.

Camera takes photos, sharpenes in standard Canon mode, but neither liveview nor video works. Photos can be viewed on display, but some pictures are tend to green.

A new Magic Lantern installation is not possible A message appears:

Firmware update program
Update file cannot be found.
Please check the memory card and reload the battery and try again.

Liveview does not work either when connecting a camera to a PC or an external monitor via HDMI. Is there any advice?
Thank You.


Magic Lantern crop_rec-4k-5D2-eXperimental.2019Dec31.5D2212
Camera   : 5D2
Firmware : 212
Changeset: 8bfbb0ca228e+ (crop_rec_4k_5D2) tip
Built on : 2020-01-01 03:16:40 by david@reddeercity



Just in case, make sure you have a backup of your ROM files (from ML/LOGS on any recent ML card that used to work).

Then, assuming you still have the boot flag enabled (that is, you didn't uninstall ML since the error happened), you should be able to make your card bootable and run the portable ROM dumper. If it doesn't work, try with a different card, and make sure there are no bent pins in the card slot.

"Update file cannot be found." might be the bootloader not recognizing the card. Try formatting it in the camera, then make it bootable (with EosCard or make_bootable.sh).

Once you are able to run the portable ROM dumper, use these builds to get a diagnostic log:

If possible, try to enter LiveView while the log is being captured. That should display any error messages from Canon firmware. Also try to capture a log while taking a picture.

Unusual colors in still photos could indicate a hardware issue on the image sensor side - but it doesn't explain why the card failed at the same time.


Thanks A1ex for the advice.

1. I formatted CF card in Camera
2. I added the boot flag in EOS_Card
3. I copied "Project startup-log" to the card
4. I inserted the card into the camera, but the LED did not flash after closing the door
    The bootloader still can not recognize the card. I tryed three diferent card ...


Yes, I have ROM files from ML/LOGS
I cant  use it ...  :)


ROM files: keep them safe for now.

Just to double-check: the boot flags you have enabled in EosCard are EOS_DEVELOP and BOOTDISK, right? Also, is the boot flag still enabled in the camera ROM?

Do you happen to have (access to) a second camera with CF slot, in order to test the card? A card prepared with portable ROM dumper should run on any camera that has the boot flag enabled - from DIGIC 2 to DIGIC 8 at the time of writing.

I can also take a closer look over USB, as the camera is obviously alive, but let's exclude any user errors first.


The CF Card has enabled: EOS_DEVELOP and BOOTDISK.
But when I close (battery&card) door, LED did not flash.
I don't know how to find if the boot flag is still enabled in the camera ROM. I didn't change anything on camera  ::)

I don't have another camera to try the CF card   :-\


Alright, please ping me on IRC or Discord during the weekend.


I think it's going to be a problem for me to sign up for Discord or IRC  :(

Walter Schulz

Try different browser if your default doesn't work.
IRC doesn't have much (or at all) authentification. You give yourself a name and join.

Or your provider/country blocks on a big scale. China?