dfort's experiments for 7D Mark I

Started by dfort, October 04, 2017, 05:20:58 AM

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Hello I can't find where to enable a better resolution out of the HDMI. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Any help would be appreciated.


Walter Schulz

Well, there is no such option within ML.


Thank-you for the quick reply. I'm only getting 720x486 and thought I've read others getting 1080i or using an Atomos Ninja

Walter Schulz

Check Display tab -> Advanced settings -> Force HDMI-VGA
Should be OFF.


Walter Schulz

Let me ask about your HDMI device. I suppose you are using an HDMI capture device. Have you tried to connect directly to a monitor/TV instead?


I am only using a monitor. I tried a professional video monitor as well as a consumer television.

Walter Schulz

Sorry, unable to do proper testing here. My monitor (my only HDMI input device) will just fetch anything and stretch it to Full HD without telling source resolution.


Peter Gaal

Hi! Currently availableIs is 10-12bit raw video for 7d? I found this link:
But this page currently unavailable.
Many thanks!

Walter Schulz


Peter Gaal


Hello everyone I got a problem with my 7d is that the raw zebra doesn't show when I am using video mode in my 7d set below 200 iso or over 1600 iso, however, if I use photo mode then it will be completely fine. hope someone knows how to fix it :)
P.S. I am an ML noob don't laugh at me  :'(


hello. I have a Canon 7d. firmware 2.06. What ML build can I install on it?

Walter Schulz

With 2.0.6:
Custom nightly build by dfort https://web.archive.org/web/20200622002229/https://bitbucket.org/daniel_fort/magic-lantern/downloads/magiclantern-Nightly.2018Jul04.7D206.zip

After downgrade to 2.0.3
Nightly build from -> Top of page -> Downloads -> Download nightly builds -> 7D
lua_fix build -> Top of page -> Downloads -> Downloads (drop down menu) -> Experiments -> Latest Lua updates + fixes


So, I'm curious as to if there is any recent builds for the 7D for either 2.0.3 or preferably 2.0.6.  If so how stable are they and could they be reliable enough for using everyday?


Quote from: dfort on December 09, 2017, 12:32:55 AM
Sort of a low priority project and highly experimental but I do have a build for 2.0.6 on my downloads page. Just updated the pull request for this so there aren't any conflicts if anyone wants to play around with it.

The links does not work

Walter Schulz



Hello is this tread dead?
Which is the latest stable working version for Canon 7D?
Which version of canon firmware should I use with that?

Latest Build (2018-07-02 22:37) accourding to this: https://builds.magiclantern.fm/7D-203.html
Is it stable?


Thx for mlv-lite. Please can you add lossless compression support?


Dear amazing people of ML,

I am about to install the Nightly Build for my 7D on 2.0.6. It is my first try for ML, so I hope everything works and my camera won't go up in flames (lol).

As an enthusiast techie and photographer, are there any tests I can do to help you? I am a physicist, so I'm capable and very happy to provide thorough research and experiment documentation (since that is so important). I would be delighted to help with anything regarding this build.

Also, what is the criterion for calling a build stable/a main build? What needs to happen to make this a stable build? (Please kindly tell me if that is an obnoxious question, I am a newbie when it comes to ML.)

All the best!

Walter Schulz

Quote from: someonedifferent on June 28, 2021, 11:42:25 PM
What needs to happen to make this a stable build?

ATM nobody knows. Quite some time ago ML project went into hibernation and a full relaunch didn't take place yet.


Using Dfort's Last 7D build.
10 bit MLV to ARRI LOG C prores LT in MLV APP
From there I edit in premiere, grade with Filmconvert Nitrate (FUJI 8563 stock) and export as 4k to spoof youtube into adding decent bitrate


Quote from: Spups on December 20, 2021, 01:48:31 PM

Using Dfort's Last 7D build.
10 bit MLV to ARRI LOG C prores LT in MLV APP
From there I edit in premiere, grade with Filmconvert Nitrate (FUJI 8563 stock) and export as 4k to spoof youtube into adding decent bitrate

I downloaded dfort's build from the links above, but I still can't manage to make 10 bit mlv work. I can't find the setting, I'm going nuts! I went trough all the settings

EDIT- I DOWNLOADED THE WRONG BUILD *FACEPALM*, NOW 10BIT WORKS, IT IS: "magiclantern-raw_video_10bit_12bit_LVState.2019May15.7D203"


LOW LIGHT examples from 10 bit mode. All footage ISO 800+. some shots lack contrast as lens was wide open
canon 7d magiclantern-raw_video_10bit_12bit_LVState.2019May15.7D203
Inside scenes were all ISO 1600. lighting was poor, fluorescent tubes with LED's overhead, I thought the footage held up and still looks pleasant depite the different sources.