Author Topic: Three Summer Spots, Resolve grade, Magic Lantern 5D3  (Read 690 times)


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Three Summer Spots, Resolve grade, Magic Lantern 5D3
« on: December 26, 2020, 09:21:39 AM »
Hi Magic Lantern members,

I post here sometimes and today aswell. I've been thinking of trying to record in UHD anamorphic resolution but I like the preview and easyness off 1080p raw.

I've learned much over the years what settings in Resolve yeild high quality footage, and especially from a FullHD source. As I only like UHD on Youtube I tend to upscale to UHD.
FullHD looks very bad there. I've seen som Vimeo uploads recently and I might go back to that path.

The recording part isn't anything special since its 14-bit 1080p.
400 5.6 L lens and 5D3 and tripod is the setup. Nice feeling and composition feels most important. ISO 1600 is the highest ISO in this video.

I like colorful grades with a bit off contrast, this is not a flat look, the power off raw here lies in the colortwist, you might see tendese to banding because of big twist in color.
No LUT, instead I use the 3 pages of HSL in Resolve in the curve section. I use SuperScale setting to upscale and I imagine raw footage result in higher quality upscales.
I really like the noise reduction page in Resolve aswell as the Contrast Pop sharpening.

Hopefully you think the quality and grading is good, I've enjoyed recently to watch others UHD recordings and grades but this is only 1080p.

Hope everything is well with you during these surcumstances, good new year and XMas!