Which APS-C camera for 1080p 25 / 50p Raw camera with ML and useable AF

Started by Nigel95, September 30, 2020, 12:59:52 PM

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Currently shooting with the canon 200d and since I have a lot of APS-C glass it seems a cheap way to jump to a ML camera that can shoot raw to boost my IQ.

I am okay with the slower workflow as in using a preset in MLV APP and wait for the files to be transfered to Prores before using into Premiere.

Couple of questions.. since I use my camera also a lot on a gimbal it is a bummer that the EOS M doesn't have a flippy screen and DPAF. Are there any APS-C Canon camera with stable reliable magic lantern raw firmware 1080p with flippy screen, useable continous AF and tracking AF features? Higher res than 1080p is also fine as long as it doesn't cut on 50fps recording and AF features.

In short is there any reliable ML camera that supports good continous AF / DPAF and higher framrates like 50p with higher quality than standard canon 8bit .h264 footage?

The Eos M doesn't have a flippy screen. How is the continous AF with 1080p raw?
What about  the 7d and 70d?


Af, flip screen, reliable 50fps on any ml capable camera contains the answer no.


what about reliable continuous AF and 50p but no flip screen?

I guess mixing the footage from 200d 8 bit on a gimbal (dpaf) with canon eos m raw on tripod and slider will be quite jarring in a sequence no? Any options to make this work?