ML user meeting northern Spain, solar eclipse August 12, 2026.

Started by Walter Schulz, August 12, 2020, 10:17:46 AM

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Walter Schulz


August 12, 2026 before sunset the last leg of a total eclipse will hit the north-west part of Spain.,_2026

What about a meeting there and doing some magic? With or without lanterns, of course!
I think Lago Enol will give the opportunity for some great shots.
Just fill in the name in a search engine of your choice and check the views.
Lago Enol is located in the Picos de Europa (fantastic for motorbikes)  and nearby Bilbao (where to begin ... look it up, please) and León.

If there are serious concerns about the location I would really appreciate your input.



I like this idea but it's 6 years out so I have no idea what I'll be doing then :)  Ping a reminder each year and there's a good chance I'll try to turn up!


I agree - great idea but hard to plan for. Spain's currently easy for me (in fact I fly there tomorrow!) but in six years time there's a high chance I'll be living on the other side of the world which would make this much more difficult. Keep floating the idea and I'm sure once it's a year or so out there'll start being a few takers, hopefully myself included.
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With some hope I will be there, and with some more hope with my Axiom Beta with the latest Magic Lantern Build.
All jokes aside, Spain would be pretty manageable, although the air in Iceland would be so much better and clearer, but I would be down if everything works out!

Walter Schulz


Walter Schulz