5.7K anamorphic 5D Mark III footage

Started by masc, July 21, 2020, 08:40:19 PM

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Quote from: masc on May 18, 2021, 08:15:37 PM
...Currently I have 2TB in the NEXTODI. That will let me record longer then my batteries allow.

Thanks for mentioning this and sure enough I feel like an idiot for not having this in my bag.  :o

Gonna order one on B&H if I can't find any used ones on Amazon/OfferUp. Ha. Such a life saver!
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I am using a magic lantern with 5Dmk3.
When backlit, a striped pattern appears in the sky.
in trouble.
What workflow do you use for editing?
I export CinemaDNG with MLVapp.
Then edit with premire.
MLVapp does not make any adjustments other than exporting.
In premire, the gamma is manipulated with the curve to erase the white and hazy areas.
Please tell us your workflow.


I do the entire processing (colorcorrect and grade - 100%) in MLVApp and just cut in FCPX.
This tutorial is not recorded with the latest version of MLVApp and FCPX, but it works the same way even today.

Premiere can't really handle cDNG - it just shows "something" (maybe it can with some 3rd party plugins). Better use AfterEffects with ACR, if you like Adobe processing, or use DavinciResolve, if cDNG is a must for you.
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New to the 5D III (coming from the dusty old 7D lounge over here!), and I have a question regarding highlight roll off with the 5.7k anamorphic footage. So I see the general consensus seems to be to process all of this footage in the mlv app, seeing as though it handles tone mapping the best. Problem is that my system doesn't seem to play very nice with the ProRes footage from this app, no matter the flavor (422LT, 422, 422HQ or 4444). It plays back, but not in real-time. It's always choking, as if being played back from an old slow rpm hard drive, and I have SSDs plugged in via USB C. Should be nothing right? Well, if I export to cDNG, and process/de-squeeze in Davinci Resolve, the footage plays back (in app) with no problem– a little slower with each node added (to be expected with a humble 8GB graphics card from 2018). Exports to any and all ProRes and h.264/265 play back and edit like a dream. All good on the western front. HOWEVER... highlight roll off is very challenging... not impossible, but noticeably bad. Is this really a Davinci Issue? Is it a result if shooting 14Bit lossless -> 12Bit? I know the lossless compression uses Canon's mjpeg compression method (or so it says)... but no matter how messy the compression algorithm, these highlights shouldn't be any worse than Canon's default h.264 compression... right? I'm confused. This isn't a problem whatsoever when shooting true 14Bit (non-crop) in 1080p. So what is going on here? Can someone explain?



Quote from: phillipmpls on February 16, 2023, 07:01:33 AM
Problem is that my system doesn't seem to play very nice with the ProRes
Hi, I know it is off-topic but have you tried exporting to DNxHR? Maybe it will play faster on your system.

And I don't know but have you tried using simple soft-clip function in resolve to create highlight roll-off?
It is explained here, maybe not the best video in the world but anyway.. it is just one parameter.