h.264 video glitch 5DM3

Started by JADURCA, February 16, 2020, 11:11:46 PM

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Quote from: Walter Schulz on March 09, 2020, 07:33:24 PM

Thanks for the suggestion Walter! I'm running test on CompactFlash right now!

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Walter Schulz

It looks like you are not using an UDMA-7 compatible cardreader. You know Komputerbay is very open about their cards getting corrupted (permanently damaged) when used in incompatible devices?


Using this one:

Atech Flash Pro-37U
1 x CompactFlash Type II (UDMA 7 [167 MB/s])
Supports UHS-1 and UDMA 7 read/write speeds

It is connected to mother board using a USB3 output.

Walter Schulz

Good! But data rates shown in snapshot are way, way worse than expected from an USB 3.0 device and such a card. Did card speed decrease over time in your h2testw run or was it that low all the time?
h2testw is not designed to use highest write/read transfer (compared to dedicated tools like CrystalDiskMark) but numbers that bad are alarming!


Yeah, still that low all the time. Going to try CrystalDiskMark

Walter Schulz

And do a benchmark run inside your cam ...


Doesn't matter what ratings you get. If sectors are defective your card will still be shitty.
Just run the card with ml uninstalled for a couple of hours.
If you get only one single corrupted frame or movie file like described you can treat the card as garbage. Never to be trusted again.


Okey! Uninstalling ML then going to do all photos and video normally to see results.