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Started by Johng, August 31, 2012, 04:45:55 AM

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Hi all,

I usually frequent the DV Information Network Forums. Great guys over there.
I have been doing video on and off for about 6 years now. I shoot mostly sports outdoor videos. A lot of tennis video match recording and individually slow motion video to show client there strokes. One has to start somewhere and I started out shooting with a Panasonic Palm Camcorder. I then advanced to the Sony FX-7 HDV video camera. On the photo side I have the Canon 10D a nice Still Camera. About a year ago I purchased the Canon 60D. A much, much improvment over the 10D. I love the live view modes. I am current on a plane coming back from the US Open tennis tournament. And recently was at the Monterey Reunion auto Races. Trying out the latest 2.3 ML Firmware. Man is it good. I even monitored the sound and made my own cable from the video composite cable that came with the Canon 60D. I am also working on a Merlin style stabilizer partly from designs that are on YouTube.  I did make my own Blimp that works quite well. You do need an extension adapter to rase the blimp up a bit on my Canon 60D. I have the NGT2 Shotgun mic. The one with an AA battery to power the mic so it is quite long.

John Gerard