Author Topic: Canon EOS-450D / Error with Magic Lantern / The camera does not work / Help me  (Read 531 times)


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Can somebody help me?
I have a Canon EOS-450D I tried to put Magic Lantern, now the screen goes black, the only thing that turns on is the viewfinder information, it is not detected by the computer.
Is there a way to reinstall the Canon Official Firmware?  :'(

Error with Magic Lantern.
¿Alguien me puede ayudar?
Tengo una Canon EOS-450D intenté ponerle Magic Lantern, ahora la pantalla se queda negra, lo único que enciende es la información del visor, no lo detecta la computadora.
¿Hay forma de instalar de nuevo el Firmware Oficial de Canon?  :'(

Error con Magic Lantern.

Walter Schulz

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Remove battery, remove card.
Insert battery but *do not* insert card.
Startup cam and report status.
Remove battery.
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