more insight into MLVFS and card spanning - 5D3 4k video

Started by 70MM13, April 02, 2023, 04:46:48 PM

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I shot another video in the forest, this time at the highest resolution i could get: 3664x1534

i was hoping that updating dokan solved the problems with mlvfs, but it failed even worse now, with crashes of mlvfs and/or dokan resulting in the virtual drive disappearing (as well as the command prompt window for mlvfs).

i tried updating to the very latest version of dokan, and renaming the resulting dll so it would work with mlvfs.  it worked, but didn't improve the situation.  in fact, it made it worse, by adding corrupted frames back into the mix...

in the end i got a perfect result by reverting to the last 1.x version of dokan, and then copying all the *.m000 files to the CF card

so it seems to be related to reading both cards simultaneously.  whether it is a driver issue, dokan, and/or mlvfs is unknown.  it could even be related to the actual card reader (kingston).  who knows...

hopefully others will explore this, particularly now that sd overclocking is so reliable.

again, in the end it worked perfectly by copying the footage files from the sd card onto the cf card (in the same directory)

it was simply amazing to shoot continuously at this resolution with no problems!

check out the exquisite detail of the footage.

watch in 4k!


Probably card reader if you put in two cards to the same reader. Usually not a good idea. Could you try two separate ports?


i only have the onboard reader apart from the kingston device, and it is very slow, but i gave it a try, and it worked nicely.

great suggestion, danne!

i never even bothered to try the onboard reader, so i guess i should have been more optimistic ;)


I noticed my "pro reader" gave me corrupted frames when downloading content from both SD and microSD simultaneously. Not so pro though that the reader has no delimit control.


race to the bottom!
today it seems to be the standard to cut every corner possible. 

i tried to update firmware on the reader and found nothing.

it looks like every product that matters needs its own "magic lantern"  :(

maybe gpt-5 will be capable of performing reverse engineering, but only after it has been jailbroken and trained by the mod community!  8)