Bracketeer: perfect manual focus brackets

Started by garry23, May 14, 2019, 09:56:28 PM

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For those that are seeking perfect manually set focus brackets, you may wish to look at my latest script: Go here to download and read about the script:

I wrote this to complement my automatic focus bracketing script.

The two may be loaded together as they have been scripted to 'respect each other'.

As usual I welcome feedback and suggestions to make the script better.


nice work garry23!

Didnt test it but it looks crazy.


As my objective with this script was to create an infinity focusing and focus bracketing aid that could be used in the field in bright sunshine, I've added in a very visual way to see whether you have an acceptable focus overlap. In other words you don't need to read the blur data that is also provided. Just focus by colours.

A green bar means you have a positive overlap and a red bar says you have a focus gap (see below).

These two visual aids, together with the infinity focus traffic lights, means you should be able to quickly set focus.

The latest version may be downloaded from here:


Slept on it and decided to throttle the script a little  :) ;)

Up until now you could focus bracket and change focal length. However, I've decided this is not only confusing but also not a very credible use case.

Thus now when you change focal length, the script resets itself.

I've also removed the bars when you are focusing at Canon/ML reported infinity, as there is no info there.

As usual I welcome feedback and ideas to make the script more useful.



Hi, well I don't no where I am going wrong on this but I use the same EOS M (not converted) loaded the scripts onto the card ( tried twice) but I cannot get any of the information that is shown here
Camera in Manual Exposure mode, Manual  Focus, take three images at differant focus points but don't get any Red,Green or Yellow. I have Bracketeer and Get Focus Brackets loaded. Am I missing another componant please? Thankyou, Russ.




Just tried it on my IR converted EOSM (latest version) and works like a charm  ;)

If you have both scripts running, you will/may need to switch off Get Focus Brackets to use Bracketeer.

Personally, as I only use EOSM lenses on my EOSMs, I don't use Get Focus Brackets on the EOSM.